Accruing systems of note here, a kind of “what I’m using currently” situation.

  • Fedora Linux — Needed something that “just worked.”
  • OpenBSD — This is starting to overtake my use of Fedora as the daily-driver.
  • TaskWarrior — A command-line todo list. A zillion options and reports. I’ve got it crammed in a special tmux setup as a GTD information radiator.  However, I’m finding that I am not using it as often as I think I should–and the information in it is not be reviewed as often. task is nice for capturing lots of tasks, but it is not so great in its default modes for showing the “work.”
  • Pony — There is a very good chance you have never heard of this programming language. There are a lot of really interesting ideas fusing together in it and you can consider it a lot like Erlang but with the performance you can have with native-code that was machine-optimized by LLVM.
  • Go — This language makes me think of it as being almost universal assembly language. The tools are fast and the results are fast.
  • TypeScript — When you need JavaScript with strong-types.
  • JavaScript — When you’re feeling self-abusive or are forced to.
  • Kotlin — This is the “new” wildcard for doing interesting things on Android. Java gives me the hives and lots of people write that once they have Kotlin they’ll never go back to Java.