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Readings On: Blockchains

Just two links today, but if you already know what a blockchain is, only one for you.

  • Blockchain” [Wikipedia] Start here if you’ve never heard of the concept.
  • Blockchains never forget.” [Ribbon Farm] A deeper look at the philosophy of what blockchains entail.

Cord-cutting technology

My antennas don’t look like these, because they’re for UHF for OTA HDTV [Which I only use in weather emergencies because broadcast TV is singularly awful…], but this is still an interesting read:

If you happened to look up during a drive down a suburban street in the US anytime during the 60s or 70s, you’ll no doubt have noticed a forest of TV antennas. When over-the-air TV was the only option, people went to great lengths to haul in signals, with antennas of sometimes massive proportions flying…

via On Point: The Yagi Antenna — Hackaday

Dropping Vivaldi

Good defaults make programs easy. Bad defaults aggravate and waste your time. Spending your time fiddling with those defaults = more wasted time. Because Vivaldi’s keyboard shortcuts are too often interfering with keyboard shortcuts of other websites, I’m going to have to drop it as a web browser.

Maybe I’ll try it again in the future if they implement suites of keyboard-configurations so you can choose “Chromium” compatible or “Firefox” compatible. Trying to fix these as you experience the paper cuts in day-to-day use is not worth the trouble.

FastMail is still awesome though.  You can nearly manipulate anything in FastMail with the keyboard.

A Microwavable Notebook?

Yes. They exist. Except for the dotted grid pattern that enables them to be digitized inputs, you can only nuke them five times.  From my own personal experience, you don’t need the digitization—99% of what you write on paper is thought-junk you need to perform to work out the valuable ideas.

Label and date every page at the top. Multiple pages on same date get serialized.

The paper + recycling bin wins, no microwave required. $27 for two notebooks becomes $27 for about 1300 sheets of reinforced filler paper out of which you’ll make 13 pages of “gold.”  For two microwavable notebooks, you can only grind your mind’s work into 800 sheets—none of which you’ll tear out and archive.

Vivaldi Browser + FastMail = Sad Face

I don’t know which “web technology” FastMail is requiring, but it does not like the Vivaldi browser. This seems to happen most often when switching screen-modes in the FastMail interface, e.g. from Notes to Inbox. But then I’m still having problems reproducing that.

Perhaps FastMail has already fixed this issue?

14/Jan — Now I’m not sure if I was confusing Chromium with Vivaldi. I haven’t been able to reproduce in either.

  • Ctrl-S for note-saving conflicts with Vivaldi’s page-save.

Environmental Chaos?

An entire business model has now been built from the curation of “ambient non-distraction” work-space audio.

  • — has over 50 channels, some of which will perplex those who aren’t ADHD Type-1 individuals. Those channels of course sound as if time stopped existing in the universe and all reality is happening simultaneously.
  • — turns Github commits into a dreamy space. Why does this work? We’re probably so good at detecting patterns that using a real random-event source keeps this from becoming an issue. I know of at least one other streaming media site that would loop this kind of ambient content after 7-15 minutes and as amazing as it is, our brains can pick up on that.  For that reason even the…
  • — eventually falls to our mind’s ability to catch patterns in time, or at least, we think we begin to hear patterns that aren’t there. Devices that have a limited set up sounds will usually present this pattern.

Myself for 95% of the time I’m not listening to anything. That seems to work well for me and it saves the cycles on deciding on whether or not what I’m listening to is helping or hindering.


Vivaldi Browser Notes

Vivaldi is turning out a pretty nice browser with a lot of nice “fine details” that you only notice if you’re paying attention:

  • Tabs “colorize” from the website. If you’re reading Y-Combinator’s news, the tab is Y-Combinator orange. WordPress is slate-ish blue, and so on and on.
  • Contextual search of recent history, bookmarks and the web from the address line of the browser.
  • Sidebars with utility. Things like bookmarks, status of downloads and so on.

There are probably hundreds of other nice touches I haven’t even realized.